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Graffiti Hurts

Graffiti Hurts®

Krylon® encourages and supports your right to self-expression and the creation of artwork that does not infringe on the rights of others. Aerosol art should be painted on canvas or other art materials or created as commissioned work. Aerosol art painted on any surface without permission of the owner is VANDALISM and is a CRIME.

In response to graffiti vandalism, The Sherwin-Williams Company and its Krylon brand partnered with Keep America Beautiful, the nation’s largest community improvement network, to create Graffiti Hurts®.

Krylon and Graffiti Hurts

Since 2007, the Graffiti Hurts National Grant Program has awarded cash grants and Krylon spray paint supply certificates to American cities that are dedicated to keeping aerosol art where it belongs – in museums, art galleries and in personal collections.

Graffiti Hurts is designed to educate people in schools, communities, law enforcement and the media about the severe negative impact that graffiti has in our communities. Through graffiti prevention educational and programming tools provided by Graffiti Hurts, Krylon and Keep America Beautiful aim to implement community-based solutions that will reduce and prevent graffiti and tagging.

Visit Graffiti Hurts® for more information about graffiti prevention, enforcement, education and youth outreach.