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Krylon® 127 Yard Sale How-To Videos

Featuring Krylon® SUPERMAXX® ALL-IN-ONE

Watch Krylon® SUPERMAXX® ALL-IN-ONE transform this yard sale find.

Featuring Krylon® Premium Metallic

Krylon® Premium Metallic gives this decorative lamp a fresh coat of sparkle and shine.

Featuring Krylon® Rust Protector™

Krylon® Rust Protector™ takes an old trunk from shabby to shiek. Drying in 8 minutes or less, Rust Protector™provides a smooth, durable finish every time.

Featuring Krylon® SUPERMAXX® ALL-IN-ONE

See how Krylon® SUPERMAXX® ALL-IN-ONE gives an ordinary wooden chair a playful, modern look.

Featuring Krylon® Farm and Implement Paint

A few coats of Krylon® Farm and Implement Paint refurbished this toy tractor in minutes. Its durable, weather-resistant formula is ideal for a variety of farm and yard equipment.