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Quik-Mark™ Water-Based Inverted Marking Chalk

Quik-Mark™ Water-Based Inverted Marking Chalk is great for temporary markings on common outdoor surfaces. It is easily removed from hard surfaces with a wire brush and water. Our marking chalk formulation lasts 30 days or more, depending on conditions. Our marking chalk performance eliminates costly remarking, clogged and wasted cans, and allows marking with confidence in a variety of weather conditions. Selecting this high quality marking chalk will increase customer satisfaction while lowering overall costs

  • One pass valve for bold, bright, visible markings
  • Glove Grip™ cap has a 50% wider opening to easily accommodate work gloves
  • Spray-Thru™ cap – non-clogging spray tip
  • Locking tip won’t fall off with extended use
  • Fast drying formula penetrates and adheres to hot, cold or wet surfaces

Quik-Mark™ Water-Based Inverted Marking Chalk

Product Number UPC Net Weight Case Pack Amount Sheen Color PDS SDS
KWBC3501A 075577035014 15 oz 12 Flat Orange - -
KWBC3502A 075577035021 15 oz 12 Flat Yellow - -
KWBC3503A 075577035038 15 oz 12 Flat Red - -
KWBC3505A 075577035052 15 oz 12 Flat White - -

The colors that appear on the screen and in print may not match actual applied color

Water Cleanup
600 LFT - 664 LFT
Dry to the Touch
5 minute
Grass, Concrete & Masonry, Dirt, Gravel, Asphalt