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Quik-Tap™ TallBoy™ Solvent-Based Marking Paint

Tallboy™ is designed specifically to reduce the number of trips to the truck and to increase productivity and efficiency. In addition to all of the proven benefits of the Krylon Quik-Mark offering, the Tallboy provides 22 oz. of paint (29% more than the 17oz. can) which means less cans to dispose of and less product to carry.

  • Provides 22 oz of paint 29% more than the 17 oz can
  • One pass valve for bold, bright, visible markings
  • Glove Grip™ cap has a 50% wider opening to easily accommodate work gloves

Quik-Tap™ TallBoy™ Solvent-Based Marking Paint

Product Number UPC Net Weight Case Pack Amount Color PDS SDS
QT0361100 075577014354 22 oz 12 APWA Red - SDS
QT0370200 075577014279 22 oz 12 Fluorescent Orange - SDS
QT0382100 075577014187 22 oz 12 High Visibility Yellow - SDS
QT0382300 075577014170 22 oz 12 APWA Utility Yellow - SDS
QT0355000 075577014262 22 oz 12 Black - SDS
QT0362100 075577014224 22 oz 12 APWA Blue - SDS
QT0361400 075577014200 22 oz 12 Fluorescent Green - SDS

The colors that appear on the screen and in print may not match actual applied color

Solvent Cleanup
864 LFT
Dry to the Touch
3 minute
Grass, Concrete, Dirt, Gravel, Asphalt