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Modified Alkyd Enamel

Modified Alkyd Enamel is a one-component product suitable for interior and exterior use. It is formulated for fast dry and curing, allowing for multiple coats to be applied on one shift. Modified Alkyd Enamel is suitable for multiple uses in industrial, OEM and metal fabrication applications.

  • Formulated for fast drying and curing, allowing for multiple coats to be applied in one shift
  • Suitable for multiple uses in the industrial, OEM, and metal-fabrication applications
  • Requires the use of a primer (Weld-Thru Primer is recommended)
  • VOC compliant everywhere except SCAQMC

Modified Alkyd Enamel

Product # UPC Net Weight Case Pack Amount Color PDS SDS
K00420113-16 035777822593 1 Gallon 4 Black PDS SDS
K00420113-20 035777822609 5 Gallon 5 Black PDS SDS
K00427250-16 035777822715 1 Gallon 4 White Base PDS SDS
K00427250-20 035777822722 5 Gallon 5 White Base PDS SDS
K00427253-16 035777822678 1 Gallon 4 Clear Base PDS SDS
K00427253-20 035777822685 5 Gallon 5 Clear Base PDS SDS

The colors that appear on the screen and in print may not match actual applied color

217 ft²/gal - 361 ft²/gal
Dry to the Touch
20 minute