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Tough Coat® Quik-Dry™

Tough Coat Quik-Dry Alkyd Enamel is a fast drying, interior/exterior industrial finishing enamel intended for coating various metal parts. It is ideal for industrial, OEM and metal fabrication. It offers versatility and efficiency of application.

  • Very fast drying
  • High-gloss, durable finish
  • VOC compliant in National/EPA regulated states only

Tough Coat® Quik-Dry™

Product # UPC Net Weight Case Pack Amount Sheen Color PDS SDS
K00780113-16 075577023936 1 Gallon 4 Gloss Black PDS SDS
K00780113-20 075577023943 5 Gallon 5 Gloss Black PDS SDS
K00780117-16 075577023950 1 Gallon 4 High Gloss International Harvester Red PDS SDS
K00780404-16 075577023974 1 Gallon 4 High Gloss Machine White PDS SDS
K00780464-16 075577023998 1 Gallon 4 Flat Black PDS SDS
K00780464-20 075577024001 5 Gallon 5 Flat Black PDS SDS
K00787250-16 075577024087 1 Gallon 4 High Gloss White Base PDS SDS
K00787253-16 075577024124 1 Gallon 4 High Gloss Clear Base PDS SDS
K00787253-20 075577024131 5 Gallon 5 High Gloss Clear Base PDS SDS

The colors that appear on the screen and in print may not match actual applied color

310 ft²/gal - 465 ft²/gal
Dry to the Touch
5 minute
Metal, Steel, Iron, Aluminum