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Weld-Thru Primer

Weld-Thru Primer is a high solids, rustinhibitive primer used for shop primingstructural steel where severe or extendedexposure puts unusual demands on the shopapplied primer. May be welded through withno effect on the weld’s integrity.

  • An excellent choice when harshenvironments put heavy performancedemands on a shop-applied primer
  • May be welded through with no effect on theweld’s integrity
  • VOC Compliant everywhere except SCAQMC

Weld-Thru Primer

Product # UPC Net Weight Case Pack Amount Sheen Color PDS SDS
K00020102-16 075577023264 1 Gallon 4 Flat Primer Gray PDS SDS
K00020101-16 075577023240 1 Gallon 4 Flat Red Oxide PDS SDS
K00020101-20 075577023257 5 Gallon 5 Flat Red Oxide PDS SDS
K00020102-20 075577023271 5 Gallon 5 Flat Primer Gray PDS SDS
K00020103-16 075577023288 1 Gallon 4 Flat Black PDS SDS
K00020103-20 075577023295 5 Gallon 5 Flat Black PDS SDS

The colors that appear on the screen and in print may not match actual applied color

Mineral Spirits
457 ft²/gal
Dry to the Touch
45 minute