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LINE-UP® Water-Based Athletic Striping Paint

For athletic fields, where bright, crisp lines are required, LINE-UP® Striping Paints provide a professional looking job quickly and easily. These highly pigmented paints produce sharp, durable stripes in one pass. They are available in both aerosol and bulk, across a large selection of colors.

  • Highly pigmented formulas fortified with optical brighteners for eye-catching lines that pop under stadium lighting
  • Won't harm grass
  • Won't stain uniforms
  • Safe alternative to lime
  • Fast drying

LINE-UP® Water-Based Athletic Striping Paint

Product # UPC Net Weight Case Pack Amount Color PDS SDS
K00830508 075577083053 18 oz 6 Athletic White PDS SDS
K00830608 075577083060 17 oz 6 Athletic Yellow PDS SDS
K00830908 075577000456 17 oz 6 Athletic Royal Blue PDS SDS
K00830708 075577083077 17 oz 6 Athletic Orange PDS SDS
K00830808 075577000449 17 oz 6 Athletic Scarlet PDS SDS
K00831308 075577000494 17 oz 6 Athletic Navy PDS SDS
K00831408 075577000500 17 oz 6 Athletic Fluorescent Orange PDS SDS
K00832008 075577000463 17 oz 6 Athletic Black PDS -

The colors that appear on the screen and in print may not match actual applied color

Mineral Spirits
301 LFT - 602 LFT
Dry to the Touch
30 minute