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Sprayon Logo

For over 45 years, Sprayon® has delivered reliable, innovative solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding industrial maintenance professionals. Sprayon has a broad range of product lines to help businesses become more efficient, productive and profitable.

Krylon Logo

Krylon® is known as an industry leader in product innovation, package design, project inspiration and color. The brand offers a wide range of products that expand beyond the home and into the backyard with general purpose, rust preventative, craft, specialty, brush-on product and more.

TriFlow Logo

Tri-Flow® products get you movin’ with triple-action cleaning, protecting and lubricating to maximize performance.

Duplicolor Logo

Dupli-Color® has a heritage of providing premium automotive products since 1938. The brand first started by selling touch-up paint and has grown to now offer one of the largest arrays of automotive aftermarket DIY paints, primers and coatings available.

VHT Logo

VHT® offers very high temperature (VHT) flameproof automotive paint designed for exterior and interior dress-up application and is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 2000°F. The system includes primer, paint and clear coat products.

Purdy Logo

Since 1925, when the business first started in a small garage in Portland, Oregon, the art of making premium painting tools has been the key to the Purdy® success story. Today, Purdy remains as committed to creating quality tools for professional painters as it was when it began.

White Lightning Logo

White Lightning® is an innovative leader of premium performance caulks and sealants for 100 years. From all-purpose to specialty, White Lightning provides Pros and DIYers with the right sealant for all projects.

Bestt Liebco Logo

Since 1926, professional painters have been turning to Bestt Liebco® for tools they can trust. Bestt Liebco quality applicators are competitively priced and deliver excellent performance to meet the needs of today’s painting contractor.