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How-To Techniques for Success

spraying a vase with Krylon Foil Metallic spray

How-To Techniques for Success

How-To Categories

Want easy ways to complete spray paint projects? Krylon® has helpful hints for a professional-looking finish and a simple, safe spraying experience.
spray painting a watering can

Krylon has a range of helpful how-to spray paint videos. Check them out before you start for a safely created, successful project.

assortment of spray cans

The experts at Krylon have been creating paint for over 75 years. Here are the answers to the most common questions they get and some troubleshooting tips, too.

sanding and prepping for paint
Project Prep

Project preparation is not a big deal and makes sure you achieve a professional-looking finish. Check out Krylon tips for great-looking results.

putting on protective gloves

Always read the safety tips on the Krylon can before starting any project. Learn even more ways to protect yourself and your surroundings when using our products below.


Get Inspired to Spray

Need a little something to get you spraying? DIY projects, spray paint tutorials and color inspiration. You want it — we’ve shared it.