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MARK-IT™ Water-Based Inverted Marking Paint

Krylon® Industrial MARK-IT™ is specifically formulated for temporary marking projects and provides an excellent temporary mark on concrete, asphalt, gravel, dirt, grass and cables. The inverted applicator allows for an upside-down spray pattern. Bright, bold colors are easily identified for use in marking public utilities, survey and construction sites, excavations and underground hazards. Mark-It is available in Fluorescent and APWA® colors.

  • Fast Drying
  • For Utility-Dig surfaces
  • Fade resistant
  • For identifying underground utilities
  • For use on construction sites, roads, landscaping and more

Concrete, Grass, Asphalt, Gravel
20 minute
Solvent Cleanup

The colors that appear on the screen and in print may not match actual applied color


Product # UPC Net Weight Case Pack Amount Sheen Color SDS
K00731668 075577995998 15 oz 6 Flat APWA White -
K00732068 075577995981 15 oz 6 Flat Fluorescent Orange -
K00732128 075577995974 15 oz 12 Flat Fluorescent Red Orange -
K00731408 075577995837 15 oz 6 Flat APWA Green SDS
K00731608 075577995851 15 oz 6 Flat Brilliant White SDS
K00731708 075577995868 15 oz 6 Flat APWA Utility Yellow SDS
K00731808 075577995875 15 oz 6 Flat APWA Orange SDS
K00731908 075577995882 15 oz 6 Flat Fluorescent Purple SDS
K00732008 075577995899 15 oz 6 Flat Fluorescent Orange SDS
K00732108 075577995905 15 oz 6 Flat Fluorescent Red/Orange SDS
K00732208 075577995912 15 oz 6 Flat Neon Green SDS
K00732308 075577995929 15 oz 6 Flat Fluorescent Pink SDS
K00732408 075577995936 15 oz 6 Flat APWA Brilliant Red SDS
K00731308 075577995820 15 oz 6 Flat Fluorescent Red SDS
K00732508 075577995943 15 oz 6 Flat APWA Blue SDS
K00731508 075577995844 15 oz 6 Flat Fluorescent Caution Blue SDS