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Spray paint hard-to-reach areas with Krylon® EZ Touch 360° Dial Spray Tip, an exclusive feature of Krylon® ColorMaster spray paint.

Krylon® recognizes all spray paint projects are unique, and therefore a flexible approach to product application may be required. In response to your need for adaptable convenience, Krylon has designed a nozzle that can handle projects small and large, short and wide.

The EZ Touch 360° Dial Spray Tip was designed to easily maneuver around your project. Adjust your EZ Touch 360° Dial Spray Tip to extend into hard-to-reach areas or to coat wide spray areas by turning the tip vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Interested in obtaining more expert advice on how to spray paint the hardest to reach areas of your home and projects? Ask Krylon.

Follow these simple tips to help ensure that your Krylon® spray paint is evenly applied to your project every time:

  1. Shake your Krylon spray can vigorously for two minutes after the ball within the can begins to rattle
  2. Test your spray paint and painting technique on a piece of scrap material until you have achieved a satisfied result
  3. Hold your Krylon spray can 6 to 8 inches away from project surface
  4. Spray project using several thin coats of spray paint instead of one thick coat
  5. Begin and finish your spray pattern off the object, releasing the tip at the end of each pass
  6. Use an even side-to-side motion
  7. Overlap your spray pattern by about one-third with each pass

For smoothest results, we suggest always applying a coat of Krylon primer before applying spray paint. Below are a list of Krylon primers to help get you started:

Still have questions about even spray paint application? Ask Krylon.

Krylon® Spray Paint Valve Clearing Instructions

Clean your spray paint valve and help prevent your spray can’s tip from clogging by following these simple steps:

  1. Turn can upside down
  2. Hold spray nozzle for five (5) seconds or until can releases clear gas
How to Unclog Your Spray Paint Tip

If your Krylon spray tip can has become clogged, follow these steps to safely unclog your Krylon spray can:

  1. Wipe off the spray opening with clean, warm water
  2. Use lacquer thinner to wipe nozzle if water doesn’t unclog tip
  3. Test spray paint onto scrap material

To guarantee lasting quality and performance of your Krylon product, make sure your spray can’s valve has been completely cleared before storing.

Looking for more advice on how to clean your spray paint nozzle? Ask Krylon to get answers to your specific questions.

Krylon® spray paint dry times vary by product, so be sure to check the can label for specific dry time instructions.

Keep in mind that if your project requires the application of multiple coats of spray paint, the required spray paint dry time starts only after your last coat has been applied.

Handling your project before the suggested dry time has elapsed puts a smooth, quality finish at risk.

Learn how long you should wait before recoating your project with spray paint.

Still have questions? Ask Krylon.

Wait time between coats of spray paint varies per Krylon® product. Check the application instructions on the side of the Krylon spray paint can to find out the exact recoat time for your particular Krylon product.

Still have questions about spray paint application? Ask Krylon.