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How can I spray paint hard-to-reach places?

Spray paint hard-to-reach areas with Krylon® EZ Touch® Spray Tip, an exclusive feature of Krylon® ColorMaster spray paint.

Krylon® recognizes all spray paint projects are unique, and therefore a flexible approach to product application may be required. In response to your need for adaptable convenience, Krylon has designed a nozzle that can handle projects small and large, short and wide.

The EZ Touch 360° Dial Spray Tip was designed to easily maneuver around your project. Adjust your EZ Touch 360° Dial Spray Tip to extend into hard-to-reach areas or to coat wide spray areas by turning the tip vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Interested in obtaining more expert advice on how to spray paint the hardest to reach areas of your home and projects? Ask Krylon.