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How do I clean my spray paint nozzles?

Krylon® Spray Paint Nozzle Clearing Instructions

Clean your spray paint nozzle and help prevent your spray can’s cap from clogging by following these simple steps:

  1. Turn can upside down
  2. Hold spray nozzle for five (5) seconds or until can releases clear gas

How to Unclog Your Spray Paint Tip

If your Krylon spray tip can has become clogged, follow these steps to safely unclog your Krylon spray can:

  1. Wipe off the spray opening with clean, warm water
  2. Use lacquer thinner to wipe nozzle if water doesn’t unclog tip
  3. Test spray paint onto scrap material

To guarantee lasting quality and performance of your Krylon spray paint product, make sure your spray can's nozzle has been completely cleared before storing.

Looking for more advice on how to clean your spray paint nozzle? Ask Krylon.