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Home Improvement Projects to Kick Start Your Spring

Home Improvement Projects to Kick Start Your Spring

Say “goodbye” to winter and “hello” to spring! Shake off the winter blues and get ready for nicer weather with spring home improvement projects. Whether it’s a little tidying up, or a full-on home repair, spring is the perfect time to get some work done. And here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Winning the Battle against Rust

As the sun begins to shine brighter, imperfections around the house begin to appear. Metal products that haven’t been properly winterized or have simply been out in the elements too long can begin to show signs of wear and tear and worst of all, rust. Combating rust can be a real challenge, and too often, people would rather toss out the rusty bench, garden tools or even the lawn mower and simply buy something new. Protecting your items doesn’t have to be difficult – with a little help from the new Rust Protector spray paint from Krylon®, it’s easy.  It dries in just eight minutes, and packs a punch in the battle against rust.  With such a fast dry time, you don’t have to worry about grass, leaves or other particles getting stuck in your fresh coat of paint.  Plus, it provides the ultimate protection against rust, keeping your outdoor items looking like new, regardless of the elements they face.

Continue Cleaning up Outside

Give the outside of your house a little TLC after a long winter. Start with the roof and gutters, since they’ve collected a lot of build-up and have experienced their share of wear and tear throughout the colder months. No one wants to spend their summer dealing with inside water damage or worse – mold.  Stop the drama before it starts by inspecting the roof and gutters and looking for damage such as holes, loose shingles or leaks.

And while you’re outside, give your siding a glance, too. While you were warm and toasty inside this winter, the exterior of your house was getting a beating. Cold weather, snow, ice and even wind can cause problems to the siding, so be sure to address any issues quickly.  

A Cool Breeze

For most people, it’s probably been a few months since the air conditioner was turned on, making the beginning of spring the perfect time to check that it’s still running smoothly. Your air conditioner is important because it not only keeps your home cool during the hot summer; it also dehumidifies your house and keeps mold from developing inside the walls.

First, check the A/C filters and replace them if they appear dirty, since a dirty filter can cause strain and damage to your air conditioner by making it work harder than necessary. Turn your air conditioner on for a test run; once it has been running for a while, check the refrigerant levels by feeling the pipe connected to your A/C unit. It should feel cool to the touch– if it doesn’t you may be low on refrigerant and will want to refill before the long, hot days of summer.

Make the Inside Sparkle

Outside projects shouldn’t get all your attention. As you move inside, start off with small cleaning projects so you don’t get overwhelmed. Scrubbing your bathroom, vacuuming your carpets and dusting every inch of the house can take some time – which most of us don’t have.  Simple tasks such as cleaning one room a day, clearing off cluttered countertops as you walk into the kitchen, creating an organizing system and donating unused products to charity can get your house ready for spring in no time!

With these spring home improvement projects, your house will be looking great – inside and out!