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Krylon® Announces 2011 Color Trends: The Concept of Time Inspires Distinctive Color Palette

Time – the passing and absence of it, as well as its duration and cultivation has inspired Krylon's full-bodied 2011 color palette.

“Time is an ever constant in our lives, the code running in the background of every minute of every day. We say we don’t have enough of it, that it moves too quickly, that we wish we could get it back or have more of it,” explains Donna Schroeder, Krylon's color marketing and design manager. “A critical look at time, its impact on our lives and the colors that represent the various iterations of time inspired our 2011 color palette.”

Krylon has divided its 2011 color trends into four categories: Renew, Whimsical, Solitude and Erosion.


2011 Color trends - Renew

Sustainability and respect for the environment is a lifestyle. There is a sense of personal responsibility, and locally grown foods, well-being and the simple life are desired. The Renew area is focused on the cultivation of time and a return to our core values and self-reliance. Rich greens are nature inspired, and gold reflects the fresh vegetables obtained directly from the farmers market.


2011 Color trends - Whimsical

Escapism and nature-in-the-extreme drive this trend. There is a need for fun and fantasy to satisfy the inner child. Saturated color and bold patterns abound. There is a natural influence, but with a twist. The Whimsical color palette includes bright fuchsia, red and cherry blue balanced by a nature-inspired green. There is even a hint of 80s influence, though with a fresh perspective.


2011 Color trends - Solitude

With news hitting 24/7 and an electronic device always within reach, there is a perception that people are over-connected, when in reality there is actually isolation. With this comes the push and pull of aloneness versus the peace we desire. Technology and the constant transformation in types of communications influence the Solitude trend, which manifests itself in a stripped-to-the-bone or microscopic level in design. The colors are industrial and cold in nature.


2011 Color trends - Erosion

There is a beauty in the passage of time, an appreciation of the old and naturally weathered. Krylon's Erosion palette is inspired by the desire to hold our heritage close, even as we look to the future. We embrace our history and the innate quality of items crafted decades ago, and when this is juxtaposed against the economic rollercoaster we’ve experienced in recent years, there is a reawakening to recycle and repurpose. This color trend includes eroded colors that have deep warmth and show an appreciation of craftsmanship and natural materials and finishes.

Many of these new Krylon colors are available in the company’s popular ColorMaster line of spray paints, with select colors also being included in Krylon® Fusion for Plastic spray paint. For a full listing, along with product information and project inspiration, visit


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