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Add Balance, Style And Personality Into Any Home Project With 2013 Trend Colors From Krylon®

CLEVELAND—The 21st century is all about compromise, balance and acceptance. As we ease into 2013, you’ll find that this is the year to blend beliefs, personalities, eras and cultures. An easy and fun way to communicate all of these elements is to incorporate new hues into your everyday life with the help of the color and design experts at Krylon®.

“Colors speak volumes about a person’s past, present and future. And this year, it’s all about balance – blending fantasy with reality, the conventional with the unusual and the old with the new,” says Donna Schroeder, color marketing and design manager at Krylon. “Krylon’s color trends create the perfect blend for DIYers everywhere to tackle their favorite projects while maintaining a stylish appeal that everyone can relate to.”

According to Schroeder, the new 2013 stylish color themes found in the 2013 trend palette are as follows: 

Color Trend - Wonderment


The possibilities are endless when the walls between science and fantasy blur. Loose ideas and imaginative designs start to come into focus, while precise plans and patterns are liberated. There are no more extremes, only layers of a new middle ground. In the Wonderment trend palette, pale pastels and soft neutrals find balance with intense primary hues.

Colors in the Wonderment palette include: Pink Taffeta, Coral Isle, Bright Idea, Citrus Green, Island Splash, Silver and Sea Glass. 

Color Trend - Collaboculture


Blending societies, cultures and beliefs is the American way. Global traditions are translated locally and it is becoming customary to combine once-conflicting customs. As the world gets smaller, the design opportunities continue growing. Unexpected pairings bring new energy to old themes. Unity breeds uniqueness. The diverse colors from the new Collaboculture palette communicate how we unify our differences to create eclectic, yet harmonious beauty.

Colors in the Collaboculture palette include: Watermelon, Sun Yellow, Avocado, Bahama Sea, Iris, Leather Brown and Pewter Gray. 

Color Trend - Chronicles


The New Year is about reflecting on years past, as well as looking toward the future. While we embrace the digital age and technological advancements, we are also cherishing the days of old and embracing nearly forgotten traditions. By marrying the two, we have a palette that reflects all ages – old and new. The Chronicles trend tells a colorful tale of who we are and who we have yet to become.

Colors in the Chronicles palette include: Tomato, Gold, Ivy Leaf, Navy Blue, True Blue, Peekaboo Blue and Brown Boots.

Color Trend - Relic


There is something curious and beautiful about the distant past – plucking Victorian design elements from the discard pile.  By uncloaking the mysteries of the old world, and re-imagining classic designs with a modern twist, we discover colors in the Relic palette that are warm and weathered, rich and romantic, familiar and yet completely new.

Colors in the Relic palette include: Purple, Burgundy, Meringue, Catalina Mist, Global Blue, Classic Gray, Dover White and Modern White.

Many of these colors are available in Krylon’s popular Indoor/Outdoor line of spray paints, with select colors also being included in other product lines, such as Dual and Fusion Paint for Plastic.  For more information about Krylon, and additional resources for choosing the perfect color, please visit


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