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Krylon® Reveals New Colormaster With Durable Covermax® Technology—Its Best Indoor/Outdoor Paint… Ever

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Want Total Control Over Your Favorite Indoor And Outdoor Projects? Now You Can Have It All—Color, Coverage and Control

CLEVELAND— Once again, Krylon®, the nation’s leader in spray paint, has developed a superior paint product—ColorMaster with durable Covermax® technology. This premium spray paint features a new formulation that achieves better hide—without relying on shading or fillers that can darken or wash out colors. The end result? Cleaner, crisper hues, more brilliant color, and a smoother, more durable finish. From household décor to patio furniture and lawn accessories, ColorMaster is the perfect solution for any project—indoors or out.

“We know when it comes to selecting paint, DIYers are looking for the perfect color, but they don’t want to compromise coverage and control to get the look they desire,” said Denise Patterson, Krylon product manager. “ColorMaster is the epitome of all three rolled into one product, making projects easier and more fun, while at the same time eliminating the worry that comes from waiting for the end result—in this case, it’s only 10 minutes!” 

Additionally, the benefits of ColorMaster are further amplified by Krylon’s proprietary EZ Touch 360°® Dial spray tip. Not only does this easy-to-operate, ultra-comfortable tip require the lowest force to actuateon the market, making finger fatigue a thing of the past, but DIYers can also change the direction of the spray – horizontally, vertically and any angle in between to help master their projects. 

ColorMaster dries in just 10 minutes and has an expanded application window of four hours, instead of one, to produce smooth and flawless finish—the first time. It is available in nearly 100 brilliant colors and finishes, including enamels, metallics, primers and clears and can be used on metal, wood, wicker and more.

ColorMaster is available in aerosols, quarts and half pints at local hardware, home centers and craft stores with a suggested retail price of $3.75 to $5.99.

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Krylon, the nation’s leading spray paint manufacturer, is number one in color, innovation, inspiration and consumer brand recognition. The Krylon consumer products line includes a wide selection of paints and paint-related products, from general-purpose paints to specialty products to rust-preventative paints and primers.


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